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May 06, 2008

5 Steps to Making your Dream Come True

1. Look into your heart
Think about what you need to be happy -- what you want to change, accomplish, or find. Once you've decided on a dream, promise yourself to start making it come true.

2. Set your goals
Make a list of small steps that will lead you toward your dream. Congratulate yourself each time you achieve one of your goals, no matter how small it may be. Know that every step is leading the way to success.

3. Let others help you
The encouragement, support, and inspiration others give you is invaluable.

4. Believe in yourself
There may be times when you want to give up, but don't listen to the voice of doubt. Stay strong and remind yourself that you can do anything.

5. Keep your dream close to your heart
Never forget what you are striving toward. Imagine how wonderful it will be when your dream comes true. That vision will keep you moving in the right direction. Keep your head up, keep your dream in sight, and let your heart lead the way to success.

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