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June 12, 2008

Character Education

Are you teaching your child to have good values? Times have changed since the "Leave it to Beaver" style of pure, wholesome innocence. Nevertheless, can we accept people not holding the door for the next person, or not helping a blind person to cross a busy street? Since families are often splintered, we can no longer rely on families to teach their children well. Schools, however, can do a great deal to further morals and ideals. Passing out condoms may not be the solution; character education could be.

"The need for quality character education in America’s schools has never been more important than it is today," said Joseph W. Mazzola, Executive Director, The Character Education Partnership."

"Schools today are struggling to find ways to promote both academic learning and social and moral development," said Dr. Marvin Berkowitz, Sanford N. McDonnell Professor of Character Education, the University of Missouri-St Louis and co-director of the Center for Character and Citizenship. "Effective character education produces both."

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