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November 29, 2008

I am grateful for ....

"As a new consultant I can only say I am grateful Lisa S drove from Scotch Plains to Budd Lake to do my Shop N Rock Event. I wasn't able to find anyone and wanted to buy some items myself. It was a win win for me I could have her as a vendor and shop the same day. I called her after the event to see if anyone from this area signed up because I wanted my own consultant local for personal shopping. No one had so I took the plunge thinking I would regret it. I quickly learned it wasn't a bottomless pit of expenses and my family could see the value of the business immediately. I am working my business trying to recruit, get parties and doing events for more contacts. There are many home based business opportunities out there but this one doesn't require you to tie up massive amounts of debt on the credit card or home budget to do events, parties or run the business.

I guess I am really grateful for the opportunity to bring the products into my home, have fun with my family and make some money without huge risks to our family finances.
That makes my husband very happy and supportive also :) "

Lisa K

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