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January 31, 2009

Pearl Team news

If you've been thinking about joining our company, act now to take advantage of the lower price. Our start-up kit is slated to increase in price on March 1.

New Product Kit earned for FREE:
Jen A, Karen J, Lisa S, Simone W, Temima K, Billie

Welcome to our newest PEARLS:
Pauline H of NY, sponsored by Simone W
Karen S of NJ, sponsored by Lisa S (wow! great grand opening!!)
Ana G of NY, sponsored by Billie

Rocket Starters:
Level 3 - kit refunded!!- Angela H, Karen J
Level 2- 2nd $50 coupon - Olga B
Level 1- $50 coupon - Linda R, Julie N, Sue M, Kathy M, Lisa L

Success Starters:
1st month: Karen S

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