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September 24, 2009

More Baby Shower Ideas

Someone you know is about to become a Grandma. Well, as we all know, this is practically as exciting to most women as becoming a mother. All her friends are so excited for her, constantly asking her when is the big day? Is it a boy or a girl? When will you get to go see him/her? etc. Since her most important job is to play with and spoil her grandchildren, why not help her get all the right toys, books and games to do just that. Get her friends together and let them throw her a Grandma Shower. Find a local DT rep (I can help you with that), tell her your idea, plan a special day for the event, and VOILA! -- lots of new toys are presented to Grandma for the new arrival. Now, Grandma can either keep all of these toys at her own home for baby's visits, or she can choose to share these with the baby at its own home. Either way, Grandma is introducing the baby, its mother, and ALL of her friends to DT products and our philosophy. What could be more fun?


Do your friends live far away? In the military? "Long-distance baby showers" are good for college friends and/or family members who all live too far apart to get together for a shower. It also eliminates the hassle of each person standing on line at the Post Office to mail their gift.

Your Discovery Toys consultant (ask me if you don't have one) "registers" the expectant mom by sharing a catalog with her, just like you would sign up for a registry in a store. Then invite people, and share the registry list and catalogs with all the long-distance "guests". Your consultant will take everyone's orders and will ask each guest to mail her a card for the new mom, to be included with each gift which she will gift wrap. All the gifts will be hand delivered to the new mom if the consultant lives close enough. When she writes her thank-yous, she can include a snapshot of her opening the gifts.

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