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August 07, 2008

25 uses for Boomerings(TM)

For infants and toddlers:
  • Attach toys to the stroller, car seat, high chair, backpack, carrier, across a swing, across the back of the front seat of the car.
  • Create an ever-changing mobile for infants. Clip Boomerings from the side of a newborn's crib and attach one or two sensory stimulating items such as Super Yummy, Elephant Fun teether or Flutter Fun teether.
  • Attach spit-up towel to Boomering and then to the stroller.
  • Punch hole in laminated index card containing vital information for babysitter. Attach with Boomering to diaper bag.
  • Hook several Boomerings onto one Boomering for a super teething rattle or rhythm instrument.
  • Use in bathroom to hang up bath toys to dry.
  • Clip Boomerings around cupboard door handles to keep infants from opening.
  • Boomerings are a great "tow chain" behind a tricycle, cart or with a pull toy like Brain Train.
  • Attach to a screen door so a small child can open it by pulling Boomerings.
  • Use Boomerings for pool play and underwater retrieving games.
  • Instant leash when hooked onto overalls.
As children grow older:
  • Clip items to belt loop while running, hiking, biking.
  • Clip pant leg with Boomering to keep it from catching in bike chain.
  • Secure articles to a canoe or raft.
  • Hang things in a locker
  • "Dress-up" necklace and earrings
  • Use as a handle for ski boots or skates.
  • Easy-to-find key ring
Boomerings are safe and durable and will hold 25 pounds. They come in sets of 24 links (4 each of the primary and secondary colors).

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