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August 25, 2008

Toy Safety Tips from the U. S. Public Interest Research Group

Purchase a "no-choke testing tube" at toy stores and use it to measure small toys. If a toy can fit into the cylinder, keep it away from children under three or children who still put toys in their mouths. ( by special order from Discovery Toys: Small Parts Cylinder)

Beware of products that can break into little pieces or have small detachable parts.

Make sure small toys intended for an older child in a household stay out of the hands of a younger child.

Keep balloons away from children under 8. Children who bite on inflated balloons can inhale air too rapidly from them. Broken balloon pieces also are a leading cause of choking.

Rounded toys have a greater tendency to cause choking problems because a child's airway can be completely blocked. Keep small balls and marbles out of their reach.

Avoid infant toys with cords or rope which could lead to strangulation.

Projectile toys and launchers can damage children's skin, eyes or ears.

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Spongebob Games said...

Thanks to provide these guidelines for safety.It will be really helpful for the child safety.

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