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December 08, 2008

Pearl Team Kudos!

It's official! Lisa S has earned President's Club. In addition to having earned the trip for 2 to Acapulco, she will have an extra night on the trip, a limo ride at Denver's convention next summer, a free hotel room during convention and the coveted gold and sapphire President's Club ring. If you are on her team, keep an eye out for the challenges she'll offer for you to ride in style alongside her. Congratulations to Lisa on a job well done. Her team continues to flourish and grow.

Please welcome new Pearl:
Lisa L of NY sponsored by Lisa S

Rocket Starters:
Level 3 - kit refunded!!- Lilian W, Teresa G, Melissa R, Laura G, Krista K
Level 2- 2nd $50 coupon - Olga B, Linda R, Angela H
Level 1- $50 coupon - Lisa K, Jen A, Julie N

Level 1- $50 coupon - Jen A !!

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