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July 29, 2009

Learning Styles

When shopping for toys, it helps to know your child's learning style. Does he learn through what he hears (auditory learner)? Through touch and movement (kinesthetic learner)? Or through his eyes (visual learner)? Once you identify that, you can match your child's toys to his particular style, or complement his style by choosing toys that help develop his areas of weakness. The Discovery Toys catalog indicates A,K or V for the style(s) a particular product addresses to help you choose the "just right" toy for your special someone.

Examples of toys for various learning styles:
Toy instruments (coming to Discovery Toys in September!)
Squeaky ball (Tangiball)
Music CD's (Sounds Like Fun, I'm Going Green, Bilingual Songs CD)
Rattles (Twisty Bug, Rainfall Rattle)

Hammering toy (Hammer Away)
Shape Sorter (Sunshine Market)
Construction toys (Bright Builders, Marbleworks)

Puzzles (Place & Trace, Progressive Puzzles)
Matching games (AB SeasNumber Hunt, Zingo)

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