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August 24, 2007

Made in China

Due to recent recalls of toys made in China, many of you have been asking about the safety of Discovery Toys. The company's primary concern has always been safety, and rigorous steps have been in place since the beginning of the company nearly 30 years ago. An independent testing firm tests products before they leave the factory, and again upon arrival at the US warehouse. Heavy metal lead testing is done, as well as bacterial and flammability testing, where applicable.

Discovery Toys, Inc. displays this Quality Promise on their website:

Our Quality and Safety Promise to Parents…
Discovery Toys promises that all of our products meet or exceed all standards set by the US and Canadian governments regarding safety. These are the most extensive, effective, and widely emulated standards in the world – regardless of where the products are manufactured. All products are tested for flammability, hazardous materials and toxic elements - including lead, by an independent laboratory prior to shipment from domestic and foreign manufacturers. In an ongoing effort to ensure the quality and safety of our products, we regularly review the labor practices, raw materials and manufacturing processes used by our vendors.
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August 13, 2007

Fall Kickoff

Get ready for our Discovery Toys fall kickoff on Sunday, Sept. 16. in NJ. Email me if you'd like an invitation sent to anyone. We'll have many of the new products available for you to see and play with. We'll also have Diamond Sales Director Emily Krisko, DT President Jane Leitch and Chairman of the Board Tony Calandra on hand.
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