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August 25, 2010

Out with licensed characters, in with DT

Has your child ever had to endure a play date at a home filled with licensed characters from popular movies or big toy companies, a home full of super heroes or princesses? Have you ever thought about what value is added to their play experience when they're in that environment? Or what they are learning from those toys?

This is exactly the model that Discovery Toys tries to replace, by offering parents opportunities to have award-winning toys, books and games that help children learn while they play. Basic, good toys that usually require no batteries, but do require the child to add his own energy, his own ingenuity.

Wooden building blocks will take your child much further than a pair of flip flops with a popular character on them. Your child can learn to experiment, build, topple, rebuild in a different way, form patterns, and so on.

Board games will teach your child patience, taking turns, following rules and more.

Puzzles teach you child to stay the course until the puzzle is complete, to look for patterns and continuity, visual discrimination.

Imaginary play is important, but the costume doesn't have to be a character. Isn't it more creative to take the boa, take the high heels, take the eye-patch and imagine your own kooky character, that you designed?!?!

Take a look at what's in store for you and your child when you enter the world of Discovery Toys .
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