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July 31, 2008

Meet Discovery Toys

Do you know Discovery Toys? Since being founded by Lane Nemeth in 1978, their products have won numerous awards from Dr. Toy, the Oppenheim Toy portfolio and other highly recognized educators and parenting organizations.

These developmentally appropriate toys (for birth to age 10) build self-esteem, cooperative play, social and emotional intelligence, while being wholesome and fun. Many of the toys are not language specific (e.g., a Hispanic child derives the same play value as an Asian child). They encourage a love of learning and literacy that lasts a lifetime.

Schools, hospitals, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech pathologists use and recommend them. In addition, Dr. Patricia Krantz, of the Princeton Child Development Institute, acknowledges these toys as being useful in addressing the six weakest developmental areas in children with autism.

All Discovery Toys products are independently tested for toxicity and other safety concerns and are unconditionally guaranteed.

Not only are the products priced well for the amount of play value they provide, but replacement parts are available should you lose a piece.

It is easy to shop for Discovery Toys online from the comfort of your home. I will answer any product questions you have, gift wrap (for a fee), design custom gift baskets for your child and help you get free replacements for anything that might break years from now.

Sick and needy children and children with special needs are often served by agencies that utilize these toys. The charities I've worked with have been very grateful to receive toys of this caliber. If you have philanthropic affiliations, please consider Discovery Toys.

The company offers a business opportunity as well, for anyone who wants to work at home or earn additional income.

July 27, 2008

Oprah strikes again

"Every right decision I've ever made came from my gut."

Demonstration of Measure Up Cups

My favorite Discovery Toy, the one that inspired me to join the company nearly 14 years ago, is Measure Up Cups! Why is it my favorite? I have a slew of reasons:
Children of all ages will find something different to do with this compact product.
Infants will play in the bathtub doing dump and fill activities (don't give too many cups, mom!)
School age children can learn addition, subtraction, multiplication because the volume is accurate.
You can make recipes...the #12 cup measures 8 ounces, or 1 cup, #6 is 1/2 cup, etc.
5 to 7 year olds can learn about clocks and time as there's a face of a clock inside each, showing the time and its number.
There are 12 animals to learn the names of, 4 different colors.
Each animal can be pressed into clay (make your own clay using this recipe).
The animals are arranged in size order.
They stack and they nest.
Use them at the beach for making the best sandcastles. (A lifeguard once commented,
"Have you got a building permit?" we were making such an intricate structure with our small cups that nested easily inside our luggage on our beach vacation.)
Use them in the kitchen, at the beach, in the 3 sets.
Should you ever lose one or two, Discovery Toys has thought of everything. $1 replaces any cup you may need to complete your set. Shop here for Measure Ups

Discovery Toys sample kit on sale $79

Great news! Our "Rocket Start" kit price, normally $99 (plus shipping & tax)is on sale for $79! It includes all the products and tools for someone to start a successful home-based toy business, valued at $300. Email me for more info.

July 26, 2008

More for young moms

Other places to seek free help are your local hospital, church, or community center. Many offer free mommy and me groups. There you can learn from the group leader about the things that are important to you and to your baby. Things like getting plenty of rest ("sleep when your baby is sleeping"), eating healthy nourishing foods, how to discipline your child with love, and how to find the nearest Early Head Start or Head Start program. You'll also be able to compare notes with other moms to find out what's working/not working for them.

Oprah at Stanford's 117th Commencement, class of 2008

"When you're doing the work you were meant to do, it feels right. And every day is a bonus, regardless of what you're getting paid."

July 25, 2008

Young single moms

Are you a young, perhaps teenage, single mom? Someone who had to leave high school to raise her baby? Someone who can barely read at the 4th grade level? Today, especially in urban areas, many moms are finding themselves at a loss for how to raise their child while going to school, working a job, living at or below poverty level. The child has no father; the mother lacks education, values, and expertise that will lead to a successful future for her baby and herself.

What can you do?

Start at your local library where you can sign up for a free library card. You'll be able to borrow children's books and picture books to read to your child. Make that your first goal. Read-aloud expert Jim Trelease recommends that we read to our children 15 minutes everyday, even after they can read on their own. He encourages parents to keep reading to their kids until they go to college! Children can comprehend books that are read to them at several grade levels above what they can read on their own...... more tomorrow........

Lane Nemeth, Founder of Discovery Toys

Lane Nemeth is the founder of Discovery Toys. She currently serves as founder and chief executive officer of Pet Lane, a direct sales enterprise. Lane has received numerous entrepreneurial awards and recognition of her accomplishments from such organizations as the Small Business Association, Inc. Magazine, Working Women, NBCs Today Show and Nations Business.

She is a regularly featured speaker at national child development, business leadership seminars, including the Stanford Leadership Academy and the National Association of Women Business Owners. Lane is a member of the Womens Executive Leadership Council, an organization that provides counsel to the United Nations World Food Program. Her recent book, Discovering Another Way, Raising Brighter Children, While Having a Meaningful Career, has received national recognition. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Arts degree in education from Seton Hall University.

Lane will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Discovery Toys convention in New Orleans next month.

July 23, 2008

Phthalate-free teethers for baby

Were you shaken up about how to find a safe teether for your baby when the news came out about toys made in China? Discovery Toys SUPER YUMMY teether is made in Italy. We also carry a wonderful sensory ball called TANGIBALL (also made in Italy), which is unique in that it stimulates all 5 senses!! Because we know babies put everything in their mouths, we have taken every precaution for your baby's safety. Please read the Discovery Toys quality and safety promise.

Mother's Work

In a Harvard study of over 170 countries, the U.S. was one of only four nations without any form of paid leave for new mothers. (The others were Liberia, Swaziland, and Papua New Guinea.)

Mothers are 79% less likely to be hired than equally qualified non-mothers.

A recent study found that mothers were offered $11,000 lower starting pay than non-mothers with the same resume for highly paid jobs, while fathers were offered $6,000 more in starting pay.

July 20, 2008

On sale until 7/28

There's a great sale going on until July 28. Our fall season, believe it or not, arrives in a little over a month, and many items in our regular catalog are running low and being discontinued to make room for new products. Stay tuned....

If you want any current line items, don't delay....visit
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