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November 25, 2009

How to join Discovery Toys

Are you looking to earn some additional money this holiday season? Despite the downturn in the economy, things are rocking at Discovery Toys. My sales were way up in 2008, and 2009 has been strong, too. This is no surprise. Babies are born everyday and birthday parties still require gift-giving. Parents make children their priority and will buy quality learning materials for their kids even in tough times. You may know people who have lost jobs or need a second income. We offer something special.

When you join the company ($125 plus shipping + tax) you'll get a sample kit of toys, catalogs and order forms worth over $390. You'll want to use these as samples to gather orders. If you sell $500, for example, you would earn a commission of $125 (plus an extra $75 if you do this in a single month during your first 3 months in the company). Read more about Success Start below. You'll also have the ability to sponsor others, and earn a percentage on their sales.

Besides sample toys, you receive catalogs and the Sourcebook, which explains the policies of the company, its compensation plan and more. A private area of our website becomes available to you, as well. The company has been around for 31 years, and has a compensation plan that is competitive with other direct sales companies.

People who host Discovery Toys parties for you will earn free products of their choice equivalent to about 16% of what's sold, while you're earning cash!

Host a Grand Opening party.
Anytime you host your own party, you earn free toys just like a hostess, in addition to your commission! For example a $500 party gets you $90 in free toys plus your $125 commission.

Success Start
There are bonuses galore in your first 3 months...Success Start rewards range from $75 (when you sell $500 in one month) to earning a refund on your $125 kit or a free New Products kit!

When you promote in rank by building your team, you earn bonuses, depending on your rank, structure and your sales goals. There are team bonuses, too, and monthly and quarterly structure bonuses. Until you're up to speed, I will always hold the hand of anyone you recruit to help them. It's in my best interest and yours to help those beneath us to flourish and grow.

Independent companies that review thousands of toys have honored DISCOVERY TOYS with many awards (Dr. Toy, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, etc) Child development experts handpick the toys that go into our catalog to be suitable for specific ages and developmental skills. The toys provide open-ended play: that is, there's no right way or wrong way to play with them...there are usually many different ways, depending upon the level of the child and his imagination. Often multiple sets of rules are provided for different ways to play the same game. We also give most info in 3 languages. As a Discovery Toys consultant you'd be provided with a wealth of information to help you better sell the toys.

If you have more questions, I'm happy to answer them. If you're ready to join, you can download the application and fax to 270-447-2656. Feel free to explore my personal site or

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November 10, 2009

No recalls

Discovery Toys: 31 years and no recalls.
Maclaren recalls 1 million strollers. Get the free repair kit and read the news here.

November 07, 2009

Discovery Toys Holiday Gift Sets

Halloween is over.
Next stop Thanksgiving.

Be the winner at your Turkey Dinner when you bring out the toys and games for the kids at your family gathering. Choose from one of these 4 specially priced bundles:

Baby's First Discoveries #8543
Toddler Discover & Play #8544
Preschool Discover & Play #8546
Family Games #8547

<<< click to enlarge image.

Visit my Discovery Toys shopping cart or click on the links above to purchase.

Happy Holidays!
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