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July 27, 2008

Demonstration of Measure Up Cups

My favorite Discovery Toy, the one that inspired me to join the company nearly 14 years ago, is Measure Up Cups! Why is it my favorite? I have a slew of reasons:
Children of all ages will find something different to do with this compact product.
Infants will play in the bathtub doing dump and fill activities (don't give too many cups, mom!)
School age children can learn addition, subtraction, multiplication because the volume is accurate.
You can make recipes...the #12 cup measures 8 ounces, or 1 cup, #6 is 1/2 cup, etc.
5 to 7 year olds can learn about clocks and time as there's a face of a clock inside each, showing the time and its number.
There are 12 animals to learn the names of, 4 different colors.
Each animal can be pressed into clay (make your own clay using this recipe).
The animals are arranged in size order.
They stack and they nest.
Use them at the beach for making the best sandcastles. (A lifeguard once commented,
"Have you got a building permit?" we were making such an intricate structure with our small cups that nested easily inside our luggage on our beach vacation.)
Use them in the kitchen, at the beach, in the 3 sets.
Should you ever lose one or two, Discovery Toys has thought of everything. $1 replaces any cup you may need to complete your set. Shop here for Measure Ups

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