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July 31, 2008

Meet Discovery Toys

Do you know Discovery Toys? Since being founded by Lane Nemeth in 1978, their products have won numerous awards from Dr. Toy, the Oppenheim Toy portfolio and other highly recognized educators and parenting organizations.

These developmentally appropriate toys (for birth to age 10) build self-esteem, cooperative play, social and emotional intelligence, while being wholesome and fun. Many of the toys are not language specific (e.g., a Hispanic child derives the same play value as an Asian child). They encourage a love of learning and literacy that lasts a lifetime.

Schools, hospitals, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech pathologists use and recommend them. In addition, Dr. Patricia Krantz, of the Princeton Child Development Institute, acknowledges these toys as being useful in addressing the six weakest developmental areas in children with autism.

All Discovery Toys products are independently tested for toxicity and other safety concerns and are unconditionally guaranteed.

Not only are the products priced well for the amount of play value they provide, but replacement parts are available should you lose a piece.

It is easy to shop for Discovery Toys online from the comfort of your home. I will answer any product questions you have, gift wrap (for a fee), design custom gift baskets for your child and help you get free replacements for anything that might break years from now.

Sick and needy children and children with special needs are often served by agencies that utilize these toys. The charities I've worked with have been very grateful to receive toys of this caliber. If you have philanthropic affiliations, please consider Discovery Toys.

The company offers a business opportunity as well, for anyone who wants to work at home or earn additional income.

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