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July 25, 2008

Young single moms

Are you a young, perhaps teenage, single mom? Someone who had to leave high school to raise her baby? Someone who can barely read at the 4th grade level? Today, especially in urban areas, many moms are finding themselves at a loss for how to raise their child while going to school, working a job, living at or below poverty level. The child has no father; the mother lacks education, values, and expertise that will lead to a successful future for her baby and herself.

What can you do?

Start at your local library where you can sign up for a free library card. You'll be able to borrow children's books and picture books to read to your child. Make that your first goal. Read-aloud expert Jim Trelease recommends that we read to our children 15 minutes everyday, even after they can read on their own. He encourages parents to keep reading to their kids until they go to college! Children can comprehend books that are read to them at several grade levels above what they can read on their own...... more tomorrow........

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