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March 01, 2009

Welcome February Pearls

What a month this has been for the PEARL TEAM! Welcome to our newest PEARLS:
Deb K, Michele L, Laura R, Tina Y....4 count 'em 4!!! all from NJ and all sponsored by Karen J
Diana S of NY sponsored by Simone W
Lydia P of NJ, Latonda S of OH sponsored by Lisa S
Cheryl A of NJ sponsored by Rachel T
Kristen M of NY, Barry E of NY, Debra M-S of AZ sponsored by Billie

# 2 Top Selling Team company-wide in January: Lisa S!!!!
# 2 Recruiter in the company in January: Lisa S!!!

Rocket Starters in SALES:
Level 3 - kit refunded!! Angela H, Karen J
Level 2- 2nd $50 coupon - Olga B, Linda R
Level 1- $50 coupon -Julie N, Sue M, Kathy M, Lisa L

Success Starters in SALES:
1st month: Karen S, Jenny J

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