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March 24, 2009

A Spanking from F.D.R.

My, how times have changed.....

Elliott Roosevelt, son of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, found that paternal spankings were not always painful. In an interview with Bela Kornitzer, he gave an example.

"Father spanked us rarely, although we were a rowdy bunch and did everything in our power to provoke our parents. I remember when I did get punished. Mother used to take me to Father's study, sit me down, and say, 'Franklin, this has gone far enough. You have to teach Elliott a lesson.' After Mother left, Father would instruct me to yell while he beat the daylights our of his desk with a ruler. Soon Mother, hearing my anguished cries, would run back in, begging Father to stop."

~~from "Moments With Father", C. Merton Babcock

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