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August 25, 2009

The Base of the Pyramid

Yesterday we talked about the play diet pyramid and I promised to walk you through some products for each level.

At the base we have books: books that have marvelous illustrations that engage a child's eyes, a variety of font styles, and rich vocabulary are recommended.

"Shiver me timbers," he said. "I see a helicopter in the sky!" is a sentence from Ahoy, Pirate Pete which can be changed each time you read the story.

"Will o' wisps glow and twinkle, bringing light to Fairyland," the tooth fairy's poster tells Holly in
Dear Tooth Fairy.

In My First Fairy Tales that "when he heard the story of the sleeping princess, he took his sword and hacked through the brambles."

How will your child recognize that this g is the same as this g and this g if you don't read from books with a wide variety of typefaces?

More tomorrow....

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