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August 21, 2009

Toddler's Second Year

Most parents are concerned about whether their child is hitting the appropriate developmental milestones for their age. Here are some things to look for during your child's second year:
  • Walk without help, usually between 9 and 17 months.
  • Approximately 6 months later, your toddler will be running!
  • Able to climb furniture and stairs (with railing)
  • Kick a ball -- requires a complex set of abilities including physical coordination, plus thinking skills to understand cause and effect. (Once your child discovers that balls can bounce, he'll probably toss toys, food and other objects to see if they bounce, too!)
  • Scribble using crayon, and develop fine motor skill and muscle control to hold spoon
  • Play make-believe (snap a photo of her feeding her dolly!)
  • Babble becomes real speaking...short phrases by 24 months
  • Play with friends is beginning

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