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August 31, 2009

School readiness

As many children are about ready to experience their first day of school, we look at what parents can do to help smooth the way.

Before your child starts school they should have held a pencil and written some upper case letters of the alphabet, possibly their first name. They should know the alphabet and also have been read to enough at home to be able to sit through their teacher reading a story to the class. Ideally they should be ready to play with the other children in the class, engaging in role-playing or imaginary play.

The child will have great success if their parents have taught them a few key things at home, such as sharing their toys, putting their toys away, taking turns and having played with a variety of materials like dough, paint, glitter, crayons, colored pencils, markers, finger paints.

Jennifer Houck suggests that "it is crucial to your child’s emotional development that they express their fears and insecurities and feel that they are acknowledged." She recommends reading some books together about starting school to help allay any fears.

Some Discovery Toys products such as AB Seas alphabet fishing game, Zingo (a picture matching game), and Playful Patterns will further help prepare them.

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