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June 19, 2011

Organize an online fundraiser for your favorite cause

Technology is changing the way many direct sales companies are doing business. Free e-vites are rapidly replacing post card invitations sent by costly snail mail.

Some reps are filming their parties and making them available on You Tube to people who cannot attend in person.  Others are asking people to "Skype"-in to interact with the live party and its guests.

Some companies already have the technology to do virtual parties. Hostesses can invite their guests to enter their order, right online.  It's great for charities and fundraisers, too, as all the orders can be aggregated and the hostess/school/institution will receive the hostess rewards based on that total.

You no longer need to jump in your car and drive 20 miles to your friend's house (with gasoline at $4/gallon, or more, this is a relief).  Now you can sit in the comfort of your living room and the party hostess still gets all the benefits of you having attended her party.

Let me organize an on-line fundraiser for your school or any charity that benefits children.  In addition to the generous Discovery Toys hostess rewards, I will add an extra 5% for any Discovery Toys "party" booked  through me at I Shop at Home.

On top of that, I Shop at Home has extended a special offer to the first hostess who organizes a benefit that supports the double cause of Children and Ronald McDonald House.  They will donate Fifty Dollars {$50} to that cause.  In other words, any Juvenile Cancer-Related Cause {Treatment, Research, Quality of Life, etc.} will get loads of free Discovery Toys if you host a Discovery Toys party or fundraiser for them.

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